who we are

Faber Frères & Cie is specializing in residential real estate development

Luxembourg-based Faber Frères & Cie was founded by Gabriel and Tobias in 2020, specializing in small- and medium-sized residential real estate development. We focus on value-added investments and developments in prime locations throughout Luxembourg. 

Our expertise stems from the two brothers, who have been involved since a very early age in the family’s development projects, and later advising and supervising other investors’ real estate projects in Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, France and the US. As such we have gained experience in single-family and multi-family home development as well as adaptive re-use of industrial buildings and historical renovations. 

Our current development portfolio focuses on Luxembourg while in parallel actively assisting clients with investments in other select metro areas around the EU, California (Los Angeles) and Florida (Miami, Naples). 

Faber Frères & Cie is specializing in residential real estate development

We believe that Luxembourg’s real estate market will continue expanding over years to come due to strong fundamentals. As such we aim to acquire strategic investments allowing our clients to acquire a fabulous property either as own residence or as investment. 

Faber Frères generally invests on its own account, but is open to partnerships with individual clients  for long-term investment holds to enjoy above-market cash yields from its investment strategy. 

Faber Frères is committed to always procure quality, design and homes with the latest safety and ecological standards available.

Our mission

Since an early age we were exposed to the real estate dynamic in Luxembourg. Throughout our teenage years,  we helped our parents with their real estate investments,  have seen the market shift massively. Not only did we observe and feel the consequence of the hot market in terms of surging land prices but also the transition from ever-lasting homes to copy paste properties, where developers aim to maximize their returns in response to home owners wanting everything right now for the littlest cost possible.

We have followed the shift of government policies with regards to construction permits, the new legal environment and the new standards from homeowners, the tenants and the community in general. 

Faber Freres was therefore incorporated to counteract the conformism that has become the status quo in Luxembourg, and the new legal environment and new standards by offering our clients only homes with long-lasting and high-quality materials and with an aim not to ever copy our previous concepts, but rather each property will be unique.

With new and future ecological as well as financial challenges, we are not willing to forfeit our clients’ dreams for a wonderful home in favor of market-standard profit margins. 

We chose to work with equally-minded construction companies and contractors, allowing us a stream-lined control process during every step of the way.

Environmentally conscious constructions can very well be implemented in style and quality, without sanctioning the overall budget. We therefore combine aesthetics with ecological craftsmanship by developing our various projects with state-of-the-art know-how and  contractors.

As a young company, we are always personally in touch with our clients and take the necessary time to listen to their requests, suggestions and criticism. 

Our services


Refurbishing as well as renovating properties are time-consuming and cost-intensive. In case you seek assistance, please do not hesitate to take advantage of our expertise.

Development of residential real estate

Would you like to build a home for yourself, for rental purposes or to flip? We gladly assist to help you with the planning and execution of your project.

Real Estate Advisory

We help you with the acquisition, restructuring, disposal and management of real estate assets. We can help you source potential high-yielding properties and can assist with the valuation and due diligence process for any transaction.

Rental and Sales

Our edge with advertising a property for rent/sale comes from our national and international exposure. We have an established network of clients who seek properties in Luxembourg and prefer a sometimes more discreet way. Our own projects are marketed by us together with a list of partners.

Building management

With our long expertise as home-owners, we have identified the necessities of the landlords and tenants for a proper building management. As we aim to keep the highest possible standard, we can only offer this service by referral only.

Construction supervision

We are happy to assist with your construction in case you’re too busy with other matters. This service is by referral only.

Current projects

Past projects

Renovation of a mansion in Strassen

Our team

Gabriel Faber

Co-Founder and CEO

Gabriel works in a family office in Luxembourg where he specializes in compliance and real estate advisory. Before joining his father and brother he studied in Germany. 

His past real estate experiences include the merger of two large real estate holding companies, acquisition of a large office building in Germany with renegotiation of the lease agreement with an important listed company, several renovations of apartments in Luxembourg and Germany as well as the construction supervision of a large mansion. 

Gabriel Faber

Co-Founder and CEO

Gabriel speaks 5 languages fluently (Luxembourgish, German, English, French, Italian) and can get around a professional setting in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Gabriel is member of the board of directors of several real estate holdings. 

He is an avid traveler, gun collector, old-masters art collector, antiquities collector and wine enthusiast.

Tobias Faber

Co-Founder and CFO

Tobias runs a family office in Luxembourg where he specializes in Estate Planning and International Tax advisory. Before partnering with his father, Tobias worked several years in Switzerland in the private wealth management department of a Swiss family office. 

His past real estate experience includes the renovation of a large residential property in London, UK, as well as several properties in California (San Fernando Valley and Silverlake area) and Florida (Cape Coral and Miami). He also co-oversaw various real estate developments in Luxembourg since being a teenager.

Tobias speaks 5 languages fluently (Luxembourgish, German, English, French, Italian) and can get around a professional setting in Spanish and Hebrew. 

Tobias Faber

Co-Founder and CFO

Tobias is member of the board of directors of various international institutions, such as the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, Switzerland and the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art (Member of the Modern & Contemporary Art Council and Acquisitions Committee). 

Tobias is an avid traveler, and scuba diver, and is a collector of vintage cars as well as modern and contemporary art.